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6 Benefits of Manuka Honey

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

A jar of Manuka Honey on a picnic blanket

You enjoy the delicious flavour of Manuka Honey and you know it’s good for you. But what exactly are the health benefits of Manuka Honey? Here’s a round-up of the evidence.

1. It soothes coughs

Honey is one of the best cough-busters around – and a much better bet than over-the-counter cough mixtures.

It’s a great way to help clear a child’s cough so they can sleep at night, too - one paper found a spoonful of honey before bed was more effective than many medicines (although it should never be given to babies under the age of one because of the risk of botulism)

Manuka Honey has been shown to have particularly potent anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory properties – so reach for a jar of this amazing natural medicine next time you have an annoying tickle in your throat.

2. It may help support your immune system

Research has found that Manuka Honey has antiviral effects, as well as being antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. This means it could potentially help treat and prevent colds and flu. Next time you come down with a cold or flu, why not try a healing hot drink made from hot water with Manuka honey and lemon?

3. It can give your gut a boost

Emerging research has linked Manuka Honey with better gut health. Firstly, it’s a prebiotic, which means it helps to promote the good gut bacteria that are so essential for keeping your digestive and immune systems ticking over efficiently. Manuka Honey has also been shown to have extra gut-healing properties. It inhibits the growth of C.difficile, a bacteria that’s a major cause of food poisoning, and might have a role in tackling stomach ulcers. Anecdotal evidence suggests it could help with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), too.

Beekeepers checking a brood frame by a bee hive

4. It can help soothe hay fever symptoms

If spring and summer mean sneezing, running eyes and a streaming nose, reach for Manuka Honey. Research has suggested honey can help regulate the immune system’s overreaction in hay fever, soothing symptoms and with Manuka’s antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory powers, it could be your best bet. Plus you can take it to soothe any other throat irritations you may experience.

5. It’s a great skin-healer

Topically, Manuka Honey has been shown to calm inflammation and irritation in eczema. And it’s known to help with other skin disorders, soothing inflammation and fighting infection.

6. It’s an overall wellness-booster

A 2018 review of studies described honey as a medicine – and Manuka Honey is the superpowered version. Antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and potentially antiviral, too, research over the next few years will probably reveal a raft of amazing new benefits. So enjoy it! Spread it on toast, add it to hot drinks, stir it into yoghurt, fruit and porridge. Or, of course, take it neat on a spoon – just like any other medicine.

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